Eira Thomas

President and CEO
Lucara Diamond Corp.

Eira Thomas is a Canadian geologist whose career in mining spans more than 30 years. She founded Lucara Diamond Corp. and in 2008 was one of only four Canadians to be named Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum. Before founding Lucara, Thomas co-founded and led Stornoway Ventures Ltd.

HOMETOWN: Calgary, Alberta.
GREATEST SUCCESS: The formation of Lucara with founding partners Lukas Lundin and Catherine Mcleod-Seltzer. The Karowe diamond mine employs 1,100 people, 99% of whom come from Botswana. We are also really proud to have an executive team that is 85% female.
FUN FACT: My name means ‘snow’ in Welsh – quite fitting since I have spent the vast majority of my career working north of 60.