Brenda Irwint

Brenda Irwin

Managing Partner
Relentless Venture Fund

Brenda Irwin is the founder and general partner of Relentless Venture Fund, which invests in preventive health and chronic disease management solutions. She is the managing partner of Atlas Core LP and was previously a partner with BDC Capital’s health-care venture capital team. Irwin has been honoured as one of B.C.’s most influential women in finance.

WHAT’S NEW: Appointment on the inaugural board for the Table of Impact Investment Practitioners and invited to join both the investment committee and board of directors for MEDTEQ.
FUN FACT: I was a wedding singer for a couple of years (for friends and family), and also twice sang national anthems for Blue Jays games.
GREATEST SUCCESS: Founding the first life sciences health technology fund in Canada.