Andy Yan

Director, City Program
Simon Fraser University

Prior to his current position, Andy Yan was a professional urban planner and researcher who worked on non-profit and private sector projects across North America. He is a director of the Planning Institute of British Columbia and a member of the City of Burnaby’s Zero-Emission Building Retrofit Task Force.

EDUCATION: Master of arts (urban planning), University of California at Los Angeles.
SOMEONE YOU ADMIRE: Carol Lee with her commitment to service and philanthropy to the City of Vancouver.
RECOMMENDED READING: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions – Thomas Kuhn.
BIGGEST LESSON: Always do your homework.”

SOMEONE YOU ADMIRE: “Bing Thom for his commitment, generosity and passion for Vancouver and its many communities.”FUN FACT: “As payment for my first urban planning assignment in Los Angeles, it included a personalized autographed photo of George Takei, Captain Sulu from Star Trek.”PET PEEVE: “A closed mind and stone heart locked in a box of hubris and dogma.”