Sarah McLachlan

Singer and Songwriter
Sarah McLachlan School of Music

Sarah McLachlan, OBC, OC, is a multi-platinum, Grammy and Juno award-winning singer-songwriter. In 1997, she founded the Lilith Fair tour, which showcased only female musicians. It was the top-grossing touring festival during its run, and raised over $7 million for charities. McLachlan is also the founder and board chair of the Sarah McLachlan Foundation.

BEST ADVICE: Do your best not to burn any bridges as eventually, you will have to walk over them again.
GOAL FOR 2022: Finish writing and recording my new album.
BEVERAGE OF CHOICE: Oat milk latte.
BUCKET LIST: Skate-ski across Norway
PET PEEVES: Rigid people, sand in the bed, dirty socks on the kitchen counter.”