Anna Sainsbury

Chair and co-founder
GeoComply Solutions Inc.

Anna Sainsbury is co-founder and CEO of GeoComply Solutions Inc., which provides award-winning fraud prevention and cybersecurity solutions. The company’s software is installed on over 400 million devices worldwide and analyzes over 10 billion transactions annually. Sainsbury is a board member of the American Gaming Association and MVB Bank, and a board trustee of Conscious Gaming.

WHAT’S NEW: Returned as CEO at the beginning of this year, in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, where the business has a sizable team.
GOAL FOR 2022: 2022 is all about getting comfortable with the ebbs and flows of life.
BEST HABIT: Focusing on stress reduction has served me extremely well over the years. My personal outlet is yoga, and everyone should find their personal medium.
BEST ADVICE: Listen more than you talk.